Best Restaurants in North Donegal

North Donegal is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a variety of dining experiences that showcase the region’s culinary diversity. From cozy coastal seafood joints to elegant fine dining establishments, the restaurants here cater to every palate. With a strong focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, North Donegal’s eateries deliver a delightful blend of traditional Irish flavors and international cuisine. Whether you seek a hearty Irish pub meal, a seafood feast overlooking the stunning coastline, or a refined dining experience, North Donegal’s restaurants provide a gastronomic adventure that complements the area’s natural beauty.

The Lemon Tree Restaurant, Letterkenny

4.8 stars from 530+ Google reviews

Irish restaurant

32-34, Courtyard Shopping Centre, Lower main Street, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 912 5788

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery

Situated in the heart of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, The Lemon Tree Restaurant has been a cherished family-run establishment since its inception in 1999. This Michelin-recommended gem is renowned for its contemporary cuisine, crafted with a dedication to using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality.

At The Lemon Tree, the culinary philosophy is elegantly straightforward: contemporary Irish cooking that celebrates the bounty of Donegal’s pristine landscapes and world-class produce. The restaurant’s mission is not only to offer a gastronomic experience but also to showcase the region’s natural beauty and its rich agricultural heritage.

From garden-fresh herbs and vegetables to a selection of locally brewed beers, a commitment to sourcing local and sustainable ingredients shines through every aspect of the dining experience. All meats, fish, and poultry are carefully chosen from nearby sources, and the kitchen takes pride in preparing everything from scratch on-site, including an array of artisanal breads, homemade pastas, and delectable desserts.

To complement the exceptional cuisine, The Lemon Tree’s wine list boasts an extensive collection of varietals from around the world, ensuring the perfect pairing for every dish. This dedication to excellence extends beyond the plate, offering patrons an unforgettable culinary journey.

The Lemon Tree Restaurant stands not only as a testament to the breathtaking landscapes of Donegal but also as a celebration of its unparalleled local produce. The team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to welcome you and share their passion for contemporary Irish cuisine and the region’s finest ingredients.


From 5pm Wednesday-Sunday


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The Olde Glen Bar, Restaurant & Bia Box, Carrickart

4.8 stars from 509+ Google reviews


Glenmenagh, Carrickart, Co. Donegal, F92 KR23

Phone: 083 158 5777

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

The Olde Glen Bar, Restaurant & Bia Box in Carrickart invites guests to experience the distinctive charm of an authentic Irish pub, followed by the tantalizing aromas that beckon them towards the rear of the establishment. Here, diners are warmly welcomed by the teams led by Cormac Walsh and Ciaran Sweeney in a spacious and inviting restaurant setting.

The restaurant at The Olde Glen is a culinary haven where the focus is on creating dishes with meticulous care and attention. Ciaran Sweeney, along with his skilled kitchen team, takes pride in utilizing hand-picked, locally sourced seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. This commitment to sourcing locally not only supports the community but also ensures that each dish is a celebration of the region’s flavors.

Guests can expect a dining experience that seamlessly marries traditional Irish warmth with contemporary culinary craftsmanship. The menu at The Olde Glen reflects a dedication to showcasing the bounty of the local area, from fresh produce to flavors that are distinctly Irish.

The 4-course dinner menu, priced at a reasonable rate, is an invitation to savor the culinary delights that The Olde Glen has to offer. It’s an opportunity for patrons to immerse themselves in a memorable gastronomic journey that showcases the best of Irish cuisine.

In summary, The Olde Glen Bar, Restaurant & Bia Box in Carrickart combines the genuine ambiance of an Irish pub with a restaurant experience that highlights the region’s finest seasonal ingredients. Led by a dedicated team and with a commitment to quality, it offers a culinary experience that celebrates both tradition and innovation.

Saturday12–11 p.m.
Sunday12–11 p.m.
Monday4–11 p.m.
Tuesday4–11 p.m.
Wednesday4–11 p.m.
Thursday4–11 p.m.
Friday12–11 p.m

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The Narrow Quarter Bistro & Coffeehouse, Kerrykeel

4.8 stars from 347+ Google reviews


Main street, Carrowkeel, Kerrykeel, Co. Donegal, F92 AY0X

Phone: (074) 915 0764

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Nestled in the village of Kerrykeel, The Narrow Quarter Bistro & Coffeehouse derives its name from the Irish translation of the village’s moniker, “An Cheathru Chaol,” where “Cheathru” means Quarter and “Chaol” means Narrow. This straightforward inspiration reflects the essence of their culinary philosophy: simplicity at its finest.

With a commitment to crafting straightforward, homemade goodness, The Narrow Quarter’s entire menu is a testament to their dedication to freshness and quality. At the helm of their kitchen is Chef Shauna Gallagher, ensuring that every dish is prepared with care and expertise.

Local produce is at the heart of their offerings, with a focus on supporting nearby businesses. For instance, they proudly serve Mulroy Bay Mussels, harvested just a stone’s throw away. The meat featured on their menu is a 100% local affair, sourced from Kerr’s Butcher in Kerrykeel. Seafood and fresh vegetables are also procured from trusted Donegal-based producers, fostering a community-driven approach to dining.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with the main courses; all sauces and side dishes are hand-prepared daily by their skilled chefs. Furthermore, their bakery produces an array of delectable treats each morning, including homemade breads, fresh scones, tray-bakes, and cakes. These freshly baked goods add a delightful touch to the dining experience, inviting patrons to savor the flavors of the region in every bite.

The Narrow Quarter Bistro & Coffeehouse is more than just a dining establishment; it’s a celebration of the local community and its rich culinary heritage. When you dine with them, you’re not only indulging in exceptional cuisine but also contributing to the sustainability and prosperity of local businesses throughout the county.

Tuesday9:30 a.m.–5:15 p.m.
Wednesday9:30 a.m.–5:15 p.m.
Thursday9:30 a.m.–8:45 p.m.
Friday9:30 a.m.–8:45 p.m.
Saturday9:30 a.m.–8:45 p.m.
Sunday10 a.m.–5:15 p.m.
Monday9:30 a.m.–5:15 p.m.

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Nancy's Barn Ballyliffin

4.7 stars from 1k+ Google reviews


Main St, Ballyliffin, Clonmany, Co. Donegal

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Phone: (074) 937 6556 

Nancy’s Barn Ballyliffin is a charming and innovative restaurant/bistro nestled within the walls of an authentic 19th-century converted barn. This establishment has garnered a well-earned reputation for its diverse and delectable menu offerings, all crafted from the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Among its culinary delights are an extensive array of organic salads and vegetables, enticing homemade baked goods, and a daily selection of freshly prepared specials. Notably, Nancy’s Barn has risen to prominence due to its world-renowned seafood chowder, an absolute must-try for visitors and locals alike.

Situated amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal, on the enchanting route of the Wild Atlantic Way, Nancy’s Barn Ballyliffin is centrally located within the picturesque seaside village of Ballyliffin. This idyllic setting provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant boasts a comprehensive wine selection, offering guests a full wine license to complement their meals. For enthusiasts of local craft beer, Nancy’s Barn provides an enticing assortment. Its welcoming and cozy atmosphere is enhanced by a team of friendly and attentive staff, ensuring that patrons feel right at home. Additionally, complimentary Wi-Fi is available, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a comfortable and connected dining environment.

Whether you’re in the mood for a steaming cup of coffee to warm your spirits or a taste of their celebrated, world award-winning seafood chowder, Nancy’s Barn Ballyliffin beckons visitors to savor its culinary treasures and relish the charm of this delightful establishment.

Friday10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Sunday9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Monday10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Tuesday10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Wednesday10 a.m.–5 p.m.

10 a.m.–5 p.m

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Biddy's O'Barnes, Barnesmore Gap

4.7 stars from 905+ Google reviews


Biddys O’Barnes, Barnesmore Gap Barnesmore, F94 HP22

Phone: (074) 972 2647

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Nestled in the breathtakingly scenic Barnesmore Gap of County Donegal, Biddy’s O’Barnes is a historic roadside pub with a legacy dating back to the late 1800s. Positioned alongside the tranquil Lowerymore River, the pub offers outdoor seating for sun-soaked days and a cozy haven with a roaring fire for those less hospitable weather conditions. Regardless of the weather, a warm and welcoming presence awaits you behind the bar.

Biddy’s O’Barnes has evolved into a renowned destination for Irish pub grub, thanks to the culinary talents of two of Donegal’s finest chefs, Chris McMenamin and Colin McKee. These culinary maestros have harnessed their culinary expertise to craft a menu that resonates with the essence of Ireland’s ever-changing seasons.

Drawing inspiration from the wild Irish winter weather, they have skillfully captured the magic of crisp, cool mornings and the comforting warmth of snug nights indoors. Every dish they create is an invitation for diners to savor the unique flavors of fall and winter, each one presented with care, love, and a dash of Irish spirit. Dining at Biddy’s is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about creating cherished moments that you’ll carry with you. The à la carte menu, curated by these talented chefs, is available from Monday to Saturday, ensuring that you can savor their culinary artistry throughout the week.

Wednesday12–8 p.m.
Thursday12–8 p.m.
Friday12–8 p.m.
Saturday12–8 p.m.
Sunday12:30–8 p.m.
Monday12–8 p.m.
Tuesday12–8 p.m.

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Caisleáin Óir Hotel, Annagry

4.7 stars from 848+ Google reviews

3 star hotel

Wild Atlantic Way, Illannavoree, Annagry, Co. Donegal, F94 WY03

Phone: (074) 954 8113

At Óir Hotel in Annagry, patrons have the privilege of experiencing dining in a serene and relaxed setting while enjoying captivating views overlooking Annagry Bay in the charming Zita’s Restaurant. The restaurant’s extensive À la carte menu is a culinary journey that pays homage to the surrounding area, highlighting the very finest in local seafood sourced from the region.

Diners can savor a delectable selection of seafood delights, ranging from the renowned Killybegs Oak Smoked Salmon to the flavorful Carrickfinn Bay Mussels and the tender Burtonport Cod Loin. Each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing the bounty of the nearby waters.

For those seeking alternative options, Zita’s Restaurant doesn’t disappoint. The menu also features Prime Irish Beef, Free Range Chicken, and Innovative Vegetarian dishes, ensuring a diverse array of choices that cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether it’s a love for seafood or a preference for other culinary delights, there’s something to suit everyone’s palate.

Zita’s Restaurant at Óir Hotel encapsulates the essence of fine dining with a focus on utilizing locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both fresh and flavorful. The result is a dining experience that not only satisfies the appetite but also offers a glimpse into the rich culinary traditions of the region.

In essence, Óir Hotel’s Zita’s Restaurant in Annagry is a dining destination where the beauty of the surrounding landscape is mirrored in the cuisine. With its extensive À la carte menu, emphasis on local seafood, and diverse culinary offerings, it invites patrons to savor a delightful meal while taking in the picturesque views of Annagry Bay. Whether indulging in seafood delicacies or exploring other delectable options, diners are promised an unforgettable culinary journey that celebrates the flavors of the region.

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Rosato’s Bar & Restaurant, Moville

4.7 stars from 844+ Google reviews


7 Malin Rd, Ballynally, Moville, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 938 5847

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Rosatos Bar & Restaurant, situated in the charming town of Moville, is a beloved traditional Irish pub that boasts an enticing menu of great food, served daily. It serves as not only a dining destination but also a welcoming haven for those seeking a place to unwind after exploring the nearby St. Pius X Parish Church.

The menu at Rosato’s Bar & Restaurant offers a delightful fusion of Irish and Italian cuisine, promising a culinary adventure that combines the best of both worlds. The skilled cooks at Rosato’s are dedicated to ensuring that guests are treated to a delectable dining experience.

Among the standout dishes, patrons have raved about the mouthwatering battered cod, succulent hake, and flavorful chicken pizza. These offerings exemplify the commitment to delivering dishes that are not only delicious but also crafted with precision.

For those with a sweet tooth, Rosato’s doesn’t disappoint. Guests can indulge in delectable treats such as ice cream, brownies, and pudding, each offering a satisfying conclusion to the meal. To complement the dining experience, the pizzeria offers a selection of craft beer, prosecco, gin, and other beverages, all of which are essential accompaniments to the flavors on offer.

One of the highlights of Rosato’s Bar & Restaurant is its lively ambiance, complete with live music in the evening. This adds to the overall charm and creates an inviting and spirited atmosphere that resonates with both locals and visitors alike.

The restaurant’s friendly staff is a testament to their dedication to hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels valued and appreciated. Service excellence is a priority, and this commitment to an enjoyable dining experience is evident in every aspect of the visit.

As for affordability, Rosato’s offers attractive prices, making it an accessible dining destination for a wide range of diners. The restaurant’s decor is tastefully designed, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that allows visitors to unwind and enjoy their time to the fullest.

In essence, Rosato’s Bar & Restaurant in Moville is more than just a pizzeria; it’s a culinary haven where the flavors of Ireland and Italy come together. With its diverse menu, lively ambiance, and commitment to quality and service, it invites patrons to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the best of both traditions. Whether savoring traditional Irish fare or exploring Italian-inspired creations, diners are assured of a relaxed and enjoyable experience that perfectly complements the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Rosato’s.

Monday4–11 p.m.
Tuesday4–11 p.m.
Wednesday4–11 p.m.
Thursday4–11 p.m.
Friday4–11 p.m.
Saturday3 p.m.–12 a.m.
Sunday12:30–11 p.m.


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The Red Door Country House, Fahan

4.7 stars from 471+ Google reviews

Bar & Restaurant

Carrowmullin, Fahan, Co. Donegal, F93 FV4Y

Phone: (074) 936 0289

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery

Nestled gracefully between Derry and Buncrana, along the main road in the picturesque village of Fahan, The Red Door Country House is a captivating Georgian property. It boasts not only the architectural beauty of its era but also vast manicured gardens adorned with mature trees, all overlooking the serene and stunning Lough Swilly.

At The Red Door Country House, their culinary philosophy revolves around presenting a menu that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also narrates the story of their food and the rich history of the house. A key element of their culinary ethos is the commitment to sourcing ingredients as locally as possible. Their dedication to this principle is evident in the fact that their fruit, vegetables, and meat are all procured from nearby producers.

The flavors that come to life in their menu are a direct reflection of the surrounding landscape and the changing seasons, with a special emphasis on the bounties of Donegal, their very own county. It’s within these natural surroundings that their culinary inspiration flourishes, and they take pride in showcasing the unique and delectable tastes that emerge from this region.

A visit to The Red Door Country House promises an unforgettable experience, where you’ll be immersed in the harmonious blend of history, nature, and gastronomy. The warm and welcoming team eagerly anticipates the pleasure of hosting you, inviting you to savor the culinary treasures of Donegal and create cherished memories.

Thursday5–8:30 p.m.
Friday5–9 p.m.
Saturday1–9:30 p.m.
Sunday12–8 p.m.

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The Cosy Cottage Moville

4.7 stars from 421+ Google reviews

3 star hotel

Bath Terrace, Ballynally, Moville, Co. Donegal, F93 CDH6

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Phone: (074) 938 5740


The Cosy Cottage, nestled in the charming seaside town of Moville on Inishowen’s Wild Atlantic Way, is a multifaceted establishment that caters to various needs, offering a harmonious blend of culinary delights, comfortable accommodation, bike rentals, and exciting adventure and activity packages. Operated by a warm and welcoming family, this cozy haven is a one-stop destination for travelers seeking a delightful experience.

At the heart of The Cosy Cottage is its inviting restaurant, where guests can indulge in a diverse and delectable culinary journey. The restaurant showcases a menu carefully crafted to tantalize the taste buds, featuring an array of locally sourced ingredients and flavors that pay homage to the rich bounty of the region. Diners can relish the freshest seafood caught in the nearby waters, savoring the essence of the Wild Atlantic Way. Meanwhile, succulent meats and seasonal vegetables sourced from local farms grace the menu, ensuring a dining experience that resonates with authenticity.

The establishment’s dedication to providing top-notch cuisine extends to its commitment to crafting homemade specialties. Guests are treated to freshly baked bread, hearty comfort food, and delectable desserts, each lovingly prepared by the skilled culinary team. These homemade creations serve as a testament to The Cosy Cottage’s passion for ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience is memorable and satisfying.

Beyond its culinary offerings, The Cosy Cottage boasts a convenient and central location in Moville. This strategic positioning ensures that guests have easy access to the town’s vibrant character and attractions. During the day, visitors can explore the town’s charming streets, partake in scenic walks along the picturesque shores of Lough Foyle, and let children play to their hearts’ content in the newly developed play park—an idyllic setting for family relaxation.

In summary, The Cosy Cottage in Moville is a versatile and welcoming establishment that encapsulates the essence of the Wild Atlantic Way. With its delectable cuisine, comfortable accommodations, bike rentals, and adventure packages, it’s a hub of hospitality and activity, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all who venture through its doors.

Open 7 days; 9am to 8pm

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The Boathouse Bar & Restaurant, Redcastle

4.7 stars from 326+ Google reviews


Tullynavinn, Redcastle, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 938 5455

The Boathouse Bar & Restaurant, nestled on the serene shores of Lough Foyle in the picturesque locale of Redcastle, is a culinary gem situated near the charming towns of Moville and Greencastle. The restaurant boasts breathtaking vistas that stretch out over the tranquil waters of the lough.

Dining at The Boathouse is a contemporary and satisfying experience that caters to a diverse range of tastes. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to sourcing only the finest local ingredients, ensuring that every dish bursts with the flavors of the region. They take particular pride in their locally sourced fish dishes, a culinary tribute to the bountiful offerings of Greencastle Fisheries.

For those seeking an intimate evening of culinary delight, The Boathouse offers a menu that showcases both creativity and respect for tradition. Whether you’re savoring the delectable food, watching the sun dip below the horizon in a mesmerizing sunset, or enjoying a selection of fine drinks and beverages, The Boathouse Bar & Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Thursday4 p.m.–12 a.m.
Friday4 p.m.–12 a.m.
Saturday4 p.m.–12 a.m.
Sunday12:30 p.m.–12 a.m.
Monday4 p.m.–12 a.m.

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Castle Grove Country House Hotel, Letterkenny

4.7 stars from 287+ Google reviews

4 Star Hotel

Ramelton Rd, Eighterross, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 915 1118

Castle Grove Country House Hotel in Letterkenny boasts a refined restaurant that captivates guests with its inviting ambiance, complete with a well-appointed bar, a welcoming fireplace, and picturesque garden views that enhance the overall dining experience.

The sprawling grounds surrounding the hotel are adorned with a charming walled garden, adding to the property’s allure and providing a serene backdrop for a leisurely meal.

Renowned for its excellence, the Michelin recommended restaurant at Castle Grove Country House Hotel has garnered a multitude of awards, a testament to the establishment’s unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards of quality and service.

As proud members of Ireland’s prestigious Blue Book and certified members of the Donegal Food Coast Initiative, Castle Grove Country House Hotel stands as a beacon of culinary distinction. Here, the Master Chefs skillfully blend traditional and modern culinary techniques to craft a mouth-watering A La Carte menu.

Diners can anticipate a delightful array of choices, whether their preference leans towards fresh seafood, succulent meats, or vegetarian options. The hallmark of Castle Grove’s cuisine is the use of fresh, homegrown, and locally sourced Donegal produce, ensuring that every dish is a celebration of the region’s rich flavors and ingredients.

One of the cherished highlights at Castle Grove is their traditional Sunday Lunch, an event eagerly anticipated by both locals and travelers from afar. The three-course Sunday lunch menu is a testament to culinary mastery, featuring tender slow-cooked meats, creamy mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables, all handpicked from the onsite Walled Garden, mere feet away. The dining experience culminates with a delectable, handcrafted dessert, leaving guests with a profound appreciation for the unique and satisfying experience Castle Grove offers.

In essence, Castle Grove Country House Hotel’s restaurant in Letterkenny is not merely a dining venue; it’s an embodiment of culinary excellence and hospitality. With its commitment to quality, a menu that celebrates local produce, and an ambiance that exudes warmth, it invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey that pays homage to the beauty and flavors of Donegal. Whether dining alone, with friends, or with family, Castle Grove promises an unforgettable dining experience that beckons guests to return week after week.

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The Wheelhouse Cafe, Burtonport

4.7 stars from 252+ Google reviews


Leckenagh, Burtonport, Co. Donegal, FN4N9V6

Phone(074) 954 2840

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

The Wheelhouse Cafe in Burtonport, Donegal, is a captivating nautical-themed dining destination that offers a truly unique experience. Nestled in a picturesque setting, the cafe showcases a private lake view, complete with outdoor patio seating, making it an ideal spot for patrons to savor a wide range of culinary delights.

Operated as a family-run business, The Wheelhouse Cafe prides itself on its diverse and delectable menu offerings. From traditional and comforting dishes like bubbly fish and chips and homemade seafood chowder to more exotic options like the Thai beef salad and “vegan beyond” burgers, there’s something to suit every palate. Guests can also enjoy a selection of refreshing vegan smoothies, creamy milkshakes, and seasonal hot drinks, ensuring a complete and satisfying dining experience.

What sets The Wheelhouse Cafe apart is its breathtaking views, encompassing both the serene lake and the expansive sea. This visual feast enhances the ambiance and creates a dining environment suitable for individuals of all ages. For families, the cafe features a play boat in the kid’s area, providing children with an immersive fishing village experience. It’s a quirky and fun-filled venue where the attentive staff aim to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and satisfied from the moment they step through the doors until their departure.

The Wheelhouse Cafe is proud to be a dog-friendly establishment, a testament to their love for our furry companions. Special arrangements have been made to accommodate dogs in their specially designed outdoor area, which also offers cover in case of rain. While patrons can enjoy their meal in the company of their four-legged friends, the cafe kindly requests that dogs remain on a leash and under supervision at all times, ensuring the safety and comfort of all customers, especially children.

As you journey along the enchanting Wild Atlantic Way, The Wheelhouse Cafe beckons you to stop by and experience its charming atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and captivating views. It’s a destination where culinary delights meet natural beauty, making it a memorable and enjoyable spot for all who visit.

Saturday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Sunday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Monday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Tuesday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Wednesday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Thursday9 a.m.–6 p.m.
Friday9 a.m.–6 p.m.


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Cove Restaurant, Portnablagh

4.7 stars from 143+ Google reviews


Rockhill, Portnablagh, Co. Donegal, F92 C970

Phone: 087 229 8257

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery

Founded in 2002 by Siobhan Sweeney, a native of Falcarragh, Co. Donegal, and Peter Byrne, originally hailing from Dublin, the Cove Restaurant in Portnablagh is a culinary gem born from genuine passion and unique backgrounds.

Siobhan’s earliest food memories are infused with the delightful sound of cracking crab claws with a hammer on the back step of her Donegal home during her childhood. This early introduction to the culinary world set the stage for a lifelong love affair with food. After her initial culinary training at the prestigious Ballymaloe in Co. Cork, Siobhan embarked on a culinary journey that took her to far-flung places, where she continued to learn and experiment. Remarkably, after more than 25 years “at the stove,” she still carries the same fervor for quality ingredients prepared with unwavering honesty and respect.

Peter, on the other hand, has a passion for wine that runs deep. His background in theatre and film provides a unique perspective that enriches the overall dining experience. With a flair for selecting and pairing wines, he enhances the restaurant’s offerings, ensuring that every sip complements the exceptional dishes created by Siobhan.

Stepping into the world of Cove Restaurant means immersing yourself in a culinary haven where the love for food and wine converge. Siobhan’s dedication to authentic and locally sourced ingredients, paired with Peter’s expertise in wine, creates an exquisite synergy that promises an unforgettable dining experience for every guest. Welcome to their world, where passion and talent unite to celebrate the joys of food and wine.

Wednesday6–9 p.m.
Thursday6–9 p.m.
Friday6–9 p.m.
Saturday6–9 p.m.
Sunday6–9 p.m.


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Seaview Tavern, Ballygorman

4.6 stars from 893+ Google reviews

3 Star Hotel

Ballygorman, Co. Donegal, F93 ED30

Phone: (074) 937 0117

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

In the picturesque village of Ballygorman, the Seaview Tavern stands as a culinary destination, offering an authentic Irish experience. Guests are welcomed with a complimentary full Irish breakfast, setting the stage for a day filled with culinary delights.

At the heart of the Seaview Tavern is a casual yet inviting tavern, where diners can savor an exquisite array of steak and seafood dishes. What sets their cuisine apart is a steadfast commitment to sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients from local producers. Their seafood is carefully selected from the nearby local pier and Greencastle Harbour, ensuring that each bite celebrates the treasures of Ireland’s coast.

When it comes to meat, the Seaview Tavern turns to the renowned Ronald Boggs of Malin town. The Boggs name has become synonymous with quality and taste over generations. Ronald, following in his father Bertie’s footsteps, upholds the family tradition of meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. It’s no surprise that customers from all corners of Inishowen seek out Bogg’s butchers for their exceptional meats.

The Seaview Tavern takes immense pride in its passionate kitchen team, who skillfully prepare dishes that consistently captivate diners. Their dedication to detail and insistence on using only the freshest produce ensures that the food served here attains the highest standards of quality and taste.

While reservations are available, it’s worth noting that during the bustling summer weekends, the Seaview Tavern may employ a waiting list system to accommodate the high demand for their exceptional cuisine. Whether by reservation or on the waiting list, a visit to this culinary gem in Ballygorman promises an authentic Irish dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Open 7 days; 12 to 11pm

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Simpsons Bar & Restaurant / Oliver’s restaurant, Carndonagh

4.6 stars from 528+ Google reviews


Tul Na Rí, Tullanree, Tulnaree, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 937 4499

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Simpsons Bar & Restaurant, also known as Oliver’s Restaurant, has been a cherished family-run establishment since its inception in 1911. This well-established bar and restaurant in Carndonagh has stood the test of time, offering patrons a rich and enduring tradition of warm hospitality and delectable cuisine.

As patrons step into Simpsons Bar, they are greeted by an atmosphere steeped in history and adorned with antique furniture. The result is a luxurious ambiance that sets the stage for an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant is proud to serve delicious home-cooked meals throughout the week, from noon until late, ensuring that guests can enjoy a satisfying meal at any time, Monday through Sunday.

What truly sets Simpsons apart is their unwavering commitment to customer care. From the moment guests arrive until they bid their farewells, the dedicated team at Simpsons takes pride in providing attentive and personalized service. Every customer is treated like family, and their comfort and satisfaction are paramount.

Simpsons Bar & Restaurant has recently expanded its offerings with the introduction of a new outdoor dining area, providing an inviting space for patrons to dine al fresco. This addition enhances the dining experience, allowing guests to savor their meals while enjoying the fresh air and pleasant surroundings.

In closing, Simpsons Bar & Restaurant / Oliver’s Restaurant is not just a dining destination; it’s a living testament to a century-old legacy of exceptional hospitality and culinary excellence. As they look forward to welcoming back their cherished customers, they extend an invitation to all to experience the enduring charm and warm embrace of this beloved family-run establishment in Carndonagh.

Saturday12 p.m.–12:30 a.m.
Sunday12–11 p.m.
Monday12–11:30 p.m.
Tuesday12–11:30 p.m.
Wednesday12–11:30 p.m.
Thursday12–11:30 p.m.
Friday12 p.m.–12:30 a.m


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The Butterbean Restaurant & B&B Carndonagh

4.6 stars from 455+ Google reviews

Restaurant & B&B.

 Bank Pl, Churchland Quarters(Carrowtemple Moneyshandoney And Carrick), Carndonagh, Co. Donegal

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Phone: (074) 937 3693

The Butterbean Restaurant & B&B is an inviting establishment where guests can savor an array of culinary delights and enjoy a comfortable stay. The restaurant, located on the lower level, boasts a contemporary ambiance that caters to a diverse range of dining experiences. Whether it’s the hearty breakfasts, delectable lunches, indulgent afternoon teas, or the cherished Sunday lunches, The Butterbean offers a comprehensive menu to suit various tastes and occasions.

Diners can expect a culinary journey that emphasizes quality and taste. The restaurant takes pride in using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to craft dishes that are as delicious as they are satisfying. The dedication to culinary excellence ensures that every meal served at The Butterbean is a memorable experience. Guests can unwind in the welcoming atmosphere, appreciating the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of their dining experience.

Complementing the restaurant experience is the fully licensed bar, where patrons can enjoy a range of libations. Whether one’s preference leans toward a perfectly pulled pint of stout or a refreshing and flavorful daiquiri, the choice is yours to make. The bar provides a perfect setting for relaxation and socializing, making it an ideal place to conclude a meal or simply unwind.

In essence, The Butterbean Restaurant & B&B is a versatile destination that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From the moment guests step in, they are greeted with warm hospitality and a dedication to providing a memorable culinary experience. Whether it’s a casual meal, a special occasion, or simply a desire to unwind with a drink, The Butterbean welcomes all to indulge in its offerings.

Friday9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Sunday9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Monday9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Tuesday9 a.m.–8:30 p.m.
Wednesday9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Thursday9 a.m.–9 p.m.

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The Lobster Pot Seafood Bar & Restaurant, Burtonport

4.6 stars from 433+ Google reviews


Burtonport, Co. Donegal, F94 HD91

Phone: (074) 954 2012

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

The Lobster Pot Seafood Bar & Restaurant, nestled in the scenic Burtonport, boasts an extensive menu that celebrates the bountiful offerings of local fish and shellfish. With a selection ample enough to satisfy the palate of two, diners are in for a culinary adventure that showcases the flavors of the region.

Not just a dining destination, The Lobster Pot also doubles as a vibrant sports bar adorned with a remarkable collection of Gaelic Football and Soccer memorabilia. It’s a place where sports enthusiasts gather to cheer on their favorite teams during the big matches. Adding to the lively atmosphere, weekends are graced with the performances of various local musicians, creating an intimate and interactive setting that elevates the overall experience.

The Lobster Pot Seafood Bar & Restaurant has earned global recognition for its diverse menu offerings, with the house specialty being “The Titanic,” a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary creativity. The dining experience here is both flexible and enticing. The Bar Food lunch menu is available throughout the day, with daily specials served from 12 pm to 2 pm. The A La Carte menu, featuring an array of tantalizing choices, comes to life at 6 pm. Guests can even indulge in lobster from the live tank, savor prime Irish beef, delight in cod, scampi, oysters, or opt for a rack of ribs, each dish vying to become a new favorite.

At The Lobster Pot, the dining philosophy is rooted in offering a wide range of choices to cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that every diner finds something to relish. The commitment to quality is evident in the fact that all dishes are prepared to order, and every ingredient is sourced locally, reflecting a dedication to the freshest and finest produce.

In essence, The Lobster Pot Seafood Bar & Restaurant in Burtonport is a haven for those seeking a culinary journey that celebrates the rich seafood heritage of the region. With its extensive menu, vibrant sports bar atmosphere, and commitment to freshness and flavor, it invites patrons to embark on a dining experience that showcases the best of local fare while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow sports enthusiasts and music lovers. Whether it’s savoring seafood delights or other delectable options, guests are sure to relish their dining adventure at The Lobster Pot.


Wednesday12 p.m.–12 a.m.
Thursday12 p.m.–12 a.m.
Friday12 p.m.–12 a.m.
Saturday12 p.m.–12 a.m.
Sunday12 p.m.–12 a.m.


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Roadhouse Bar And Restaurant, Ballybofey

4.6 stars from 154+ Google reviews


Cappry (Graham), Ballybofey Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 919 0692

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

The Roadhouse Bar & Restaurant, located on Donegal Road in the charming town of Ballybofey, County Donegal, offers a welcoming haven for patrons seeking a place to unwind, enjoy delectable cuisine, and share memorable moments with friends. The restaurant extends a warm invitation to guests, serving food throughout the day, starting at 11 am and continuing into the late hours.

This establishment is not only a popular dining spot but also a preferred choice for hosting Hen and Stag parties, ensuring a lively and festive atmosphere for special occasions. It has earned a well-deserved reputation for its signature dish: fresh cod paired with homemade chips. The menu, which includes a range of other options, is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, all at reasonable prices.

The Roadhouse Bar & Restaurant takes pride in maintaining a clean and inviting ambiance, providing guests with a comfortable and pleasant dining environment. For those who wish to stay connected, complimentary Wi-Fi is available. Sports enthusiasts can catch their favorite games on the big screens with Sky Sports, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. The restaurant also offers a spacious beer garden adorned with seating and umbrellas, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals in an al fresco setting.

In terms of convenience, The Roadhouse boasts a generously sized parking area, ensuring that guests can easily find a place to park their vehicles. This attention to practicality, combined with a commitment to quality and affordability, makes The Roadhouse Bar & Restaurant a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike.

In summary, The Roadhouse Bar & Restaurant in Ballybofey is more than just a dining establishment; it’s a gathering place where friends come together to enjoy great food and create lasting memories. With its signature cod and homemade chips, welcoming atmosphere, and array of amenities, it offers a delightful experience that extends well beyond the culinary delights it serves.

Sunday9 a.m.–8 p.m.
Thursday11 a.m.–8 p.m.
Friday9 a.m.–8 p.m.
Saturday9 a.m.–8 p.m

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McGrory's Hotel Culdaff

4.5 stars from 748+ Google reviews

3 Star Hotel

Culdaff, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 937 9104

Nestled in the heart of Culdaff, McGrory’s Hotel beckons guests to embark on a unique and unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s culinary philosophy centers on showcasing the excellence of locally sourced produce, reflecting the vibrant bounty of the surrounding region.

From the freshest fish landed nearby in Greencastle to impeccable cuts of meat and poultry meticulously farmed and butchered in Inishowen, every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Seasonal vegetables sourced from Ballyholey Farm add a burst of flavor and color to the dishes. The kitchen team, driven by a profound passion for the richness of local produce, takes pride in crafting each dish with creativity and precision.

At McGrory’s, the culinary journey is complemented by a well-curated beverage selection. The restaurant is renowned for pouring an excellent pint of Guinness, and it also features an array of superb local craft beers and artisan gins, offering patrons a diverse array of options to accompany their meals. The wine list, personally curated by John Wilson, one of Ireland’s leading wine writers, further elevates the dining experience, ensuring that every sip enhances the flavors of the cuisine.

The ambiance at McGrory’s Hotel is a testament to its rich history, as both the Front Bar and Front Room proudly display the original stone walls of this century-old building. Carefully crafted woodwork adds a touch of warmth and character to the space, creating a cozy and invigorating atmosphere. This inviting setting serves as the perfect backdrop for savoring the pleasures of dining and drinking at McGrory’s.

In essence, McGrory’s Hotel in Culdaff offers patrons a gastronomic journey that celebrates the best of local produce, masterfully prepared and presented with pride and creativity. With an exceptional beverage selection and an inviting atmosphere steeped in tradition, it invites guests to immerse themselves in the flavors and culture of the region, making every visit a memorable and enriching experience.

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Ripples Restaurant, Kerrykeel

4.5 stars from 327+ Google reviews

Seafood Restaurant

Ranny, Donegal

Phone: (074) 915 0110

Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Ripples Restaurant, a cherished family-run establishment located in Kerrykeel, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where patrons can savor an array of culinary delights. With a commitment to providing a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, the restaurant stands out for its weekly seafood specials, succulent steaks, hearty pastas, flavorful chicken dishes, and refreshing salads.

At Ripples, every dish is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to using fresh ingredients and preparing everything to order. From tantalizing starters to satisfying mains and delectable desserts, the culinary offerings are a celebration of flavor and quality. The menu proudly features perfectly cooked fillet steaks, succulent prawns, and delicate dover sole, inviting guests to indulge in a range of culinary experiences.

For those with a penchant for sweets, Ripples offers a delightful selection of desserts, including the irresistibly tasty cheesecake and the heavenly Pavlova, both of which have earned praise from patrons. The dining experience is further enhanced by an excellent wine list, with offerings that have received acclaim from diners. To complete the meal, guests can savor a cup of great coffee, adding a final touch of indulgence.

Beyond the culinary delights, Ripples is renowned for its outstanding service and the welcoming demeanor of its friendly staff. The team at the restaurant is always eager to assist guests, ensuring that each visit is marked by attentive and hospitable service.

In terms of affordability, Ripples Restaurant offers attractive prices, making it an accessible dining destination for both locals and visitors. The ambiance at Ripples is characterized by its charming atmosphere and splendid decor, creating a dining environment that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

In summary, Ripples Restaurant in Kerrykeel is a family-run gem that prides itself on delivering a diverse and delicious menu. With its focus on fresh ingredients, personalized service, and inviting atmosphere, it invites patrons to enjoy a memorable culinary journey that celebrates both local flavors and global influences. Whether seeking seafood specialties, succulent steaks, or delectable desserts, Ripples offers something for everyone, ensuring that each dining experience is a delightful and satisfying one.

Wednesday3–9 p.m.
Thursday3–9 p.m.
Friday3–9 p.m.
Saturday12:30–9 p.m.
Sunday12:30–9 p.m

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Primavera Restaurant, (Italian), Buncrana

4.5 stars from 258+ Google reviews

Italian Restaurant

37 St Marys Rd, Ardaravan, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, F93 CA22

Phone: (074) 932 1921

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

In the picturesque town of Buncrana, the renowned Primavera Restaurant stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of authentic Italian cuisine. What sets Primavera apart is its unwavering commitment to offering a diverse and delectable range of home-style Italian dishes that have captured the hearts and palates of its loyal patrons.

At the heart of Primavera’s success lies its dedication to traditional cooking techniques and the utilization of the freshest and most high-quality produce available. The restaurant prides itself on crafting fresh egg pasta in-house, which forms the foundation of many of its signature dishes. Whether it’s chicken and seafood creations, popular steaks, enticing entrées, or their iconic traditional pizzas, every item on the menu is a reflection of the culinary excellence that Primavera represents.

In Italy, the act of gathering family and friends around the dinner table for a satisfying, home-cooked meal is a cherished tradition. Primavera seeks to recreate this cherished experience, providing a welcoming haven where families and friends can come together. Within the walls of the restaurant, diners are invited to share good conversations, humorous stories, and memorable experiences, all within a relaxed and friendly environment.

The restaurant’s primary aim is to offer its patrons more than just a meal; it strives to provide a warm, inviting, and family-friendly atmosphere where good food, fine wine, and cherished moments come together seamlessly. It’s a place where laughter is abundant, bonds are strengthened, and the pleasures of good cuisine are savored.

At Primavera, the team eagerly anticipates welcoming each guest, whether they are returning patrons or first-time visitors, to partake in the joys of Italian dining. With its passion for quality fare, fine wines, and the creation of lasting memories, Primavera continues to be a cherished culinary destination, inviting families and friends to come together and experience the essence of Italian hospitality and cuisine.

Monday Closed

Tuesday5–10:30 p.m.

Wednesday5–10:30 p.m.

Thursday5–10:30 p.m

.Friday5–10:30 p.m.

Saturday4–10:30 p.m

.Sunday4–10:30 p.m.

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The Church Restaurant, Bar & Cafe, Letterkenny

4.5 stars from 190+ Google reviews


Rockhill House Estate, Rockhill, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 EC5H

Phone: (074) 911 3638

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Arnolds Hotel, located on Main Street in Dunfanaghy, extends a variety of dining options to both its esteemed guests and visitors. These options include Arnolds Restaurant, the Bistro, and the recently introduced Outdoor Dining Pods, which have garnered considerable acclaim.

The Church Restaurant, Bar & Cafe in Letterkenny holds a deep-seated belief that their cuisine should be a genuine reflection of their locale. Every facet of the dining experience at The Church draws inspiration from the people, the landscape, and the climate of Donegal. This locally owned family establishment, boasting four decades of experience in food production in Donegal and the wider North West region, is deeply rooted in the principles of place, quality, and sustainability.

In Donegal, the restaurant finds itself surrounded by a wealth of natural abundance: the untamed salty sea, herb-strewn landscapes, hedgerows brimming with fruits, and loamy soils teeming with lush vegetables. These riches are readily available, forming the foundation of The Church’s culinary philosophy. With a strong commitment to sourcing locally, the restaurant taps into this bounty to create a true gastronomic representation of Donegal, the North West, and Ireland.

The result is a dining experience that engages all the senses. Vibrant colors, rich textures, enticing aromas, and harmonious tastes all converge on the plate, creating a feast for both the palate and the eyes. Each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity, utilizing the finest ingredients the region has to offer.

As a reflection of its deep-rooted ethos, The Church Restaurant, Bar & Cafe has become a culinary beacon in Letterkenny, providing patrons with an opportunity to savor the essence of the local terroir. It’s a place where every bite speaks to the rich tapestry of flavors and traditions that define Donegal, the North West, and Ireland as a whole.

Open 7 days; 12.30 to 9pm

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Backstage Bar & Grill, Letterkenny

4.4 stars from 569+ Google reviews


Century Cinemas, Leckview Lane, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 DA02

Phone: (074) 912 1976

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Backstage Bar & Grill in Letterkenny introduces a refreshing dining concept that sets the stage for an exceptional culinary experience. With a dedication to providing a welcoming space, Backstage invites guests to unwind, savor delectable cuisine, and create memorable moments in the company of family and friends.

At the heart of Backstage’s culinary philosophy lies a commitment to using the freshest ingredients to craft dishes that delight the senses. The restaurant’s menu is a harmonious fusion of flavors and culinary creativity, promising a diverse selection of dishes to cater to various tastes.

Guests can anticipate a tantalizing array of menu options, from classic favorites to innovative culinary creations. Whether it’s succulent meats, flavorful seafood, or mouthwatering vegetarian dishes, Backstage endeavors to offer a dining experience that caters to a wide spectrum of palates.

Beyond the menu, Backstage Bar & Grill aspires to provide a warm and inviting ambiance that complements the dining experience. It is a space where patrons can revel in the joys of good food and excellent company. The restaurant seeks to be more than just a place to dine; it aims to be a destination where guests can relax, savor exquisite cuisine, and enjoy the camaraderie of loved ones.

In summary, Backstage Bar & Grill in Letterkenny presents a fresh and vibrant dining concept, inviting guests to partake in an unforgettable culinary journey. With a dedication to using the finest ingredients and a commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere, Backstage sets the stage for cherished moments of relaxation, fine dining, and conviviality with family and friends.


Monday9:30 a.m.–8 p.m.
Tuesday9:30 a.m.–8 p.m.
Wednesday9:30 a.m.–8 p.m.
Thursday9:30 a.m.–8 p.m.
Friday9:30 a.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday9:30 a.m.–9 p.m.
Sunday10 a.m.–8 p.m


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Kealy's Seafood Bar, Greencastle

4.4 stars from 224+ Google reviews

Seafood restaurant

Milltown Harbour, Eleven Ballyboes, Greencastle, Co. Donegal, F93 R588

Phone: (074) 938 1010

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Kealy’s Seafood Bar, nestled in the idyllic fishing village of Greencastle, County Donegal, has been an integral part of the local culinary landscape for over 25 years. From its inception, the restaurant’s identity was intrinsically linked to its surroundings, where a bountiful supply of freshly caught fish was readily available. This proximity to the sea influenced the restaurant’s decision to specialize in seafood, and that commitment to showcasing the local catch continues to define Kealy’s to this day.

At Kealy’s Seafood Bar, the guiding philosophy has remained steadfast: the utilization of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, prepared with simplicity, and best enjoyed within a welcoming and unhurried ambiance. While the menu retains beloved classics like grilled John Dory, pan-fried Monkfish, and locally sourced oysters, it also reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

The culinary offerings at Kealy’s seamlessly intermingle the timeless with the contemporary, the local with the global. The restaurant’s seasonally changing menus often bear the subtle influence of culinary journeys, introducing new flavors and techniques while always paying homage to the intrinsic freshness of the ingredients. This dedication to the purity of taste is amplified by the restaurant’s proximity to the vibrant and central port, ensuring that the flavors are as dynamic as the daily tides.

One of the hallmarks of Kealy’s Seafood Bar is the commitment to crafting a unique dining experience. To achieve this, the chefs diligently prepare all breads, sauces, dips, and desserts in-house. This hands-on approach ensures that every bite is a testament to the venue’s distinctive character and commitment to excellence.

The restaurant’s sourcing practices are deeply rooted in supporting local producers. Fish is procured from the Greencastle Fishermen’s Co-op, shellfish from nearby boats, and oysters from Foylemore Oysters. Fresh vegetables are obtained from the local organic farm shop in Moville and White Oaks organic farm whenever possible, while potatoes come from Diver’s farm in Greencastle. In addition to their seafood focus, Kealy’s also ensures that all beef used is sourced from within Ireland, further enhancing their commitment to quality and locality.

In essence, Kealy’s Seafood Bar stands as a culinary gem where the flavors of the sea meet the traditions of the land. With a dedication to fresh, local ingredients and a commitment to crafting unique and delicious dishes, it invites patrons to savor the essence of Greencastle’s rich maritime heritage in every bite.

Saturday1–11 p.m.
Sunday1–11 p.m.
Thursday1–11 p.m.
Friday1–11 p.m

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Dillons Hotel, Letterkenny

4.3 stars from 829+ Google reviews

3 star hotel

27 Upper Main St, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, F92 E30F

Phone: (074) 912 2977

Dillons Hotel, nestled in the heart of Letterkenny, boasts a wood-paneled grill restaurant and bar that has become a local treasure. With live music setting the tone on weekends and an inviting atmosphere, it’s a destination that offers much more than just a dining experience.

The restaurant at Dillons Hotel has earned a stellar reputation in Letterkenny, thanks to its diverse and tantalizing menu. From traditional Irish fare that celebrates the country’s culinary heritage to more innovative and extraordinary dishes, this restaurant caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

A commitment to serving the finest local produce and supporting Irish producers in the Letterkenny and Killybegs area is at the core of Dillons Hotel’s culinary philosophy. This dedication to sourcing ingredients locally ensures that every dish is prepared with the freshest and highest-quality components.

As guests peruse the menu, they will discover a delightful array of options, from comforting soups to vibrant salads, succulent burgers to perfectly cooked steaks. The culinary journey at Dillons Hotel extends to include signature dishes like the Chicken and Chorizo Penne Pasta and the Fresh Beer Battered Haddock, both of which have garnered a dedicated following among diners.

To accommodate various dietary preferences and needs, Dillons Hotel offers a Gluten-Free menu, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavors on offer. Even the youngest diners are considered, with a dedicated Kids Menu designed to cater to their tastes and preferences.

At the heart of Dillons Hotel’s culinary ethos is a deep passion for food. This passion is brought to life through a commitment to using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. Fish is procured from Albatross Seafoods in Killybegs, fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from Liam Dogherty in Letterkenny, and meat hails from E&B O Donnell in Letterkenny, with a guarantee that the beef is 100% Irish.

In essence, Dillons Hotel’s restaurant is a culinary haven where the richness of local Irish produce is celebrated in every dish. With a dedication to quality, a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, and a warm and welcoming ambiance, Dillons Hotel invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey that embraces the flavors of the region while delivering an exceptional dining experience.

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Arnolds Hotel Dunfanaghy County Donegal Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

4.3 stars from 667+ Google reviews

3 star hotel

Main Street, Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal, F92 N6TF

Phone: (074) 913 6208

Arnolds Hotel, located on Main Street in Dunfanaghy, extends a variety of dining options to both its esteemed guests and visitors. These options include Arnolds Restaurant, the Bistro, and the recently introduced Outdoor Dining Pods, which have garnered considerable acclaim.

Arnolds Restaurant offers a sophisticated and contemporary dining experience, affording picturesque views of Sheephaven Bay along Donegal’s captivating Wild Atlantic Way. As proud members of the Donegal Food Coast, their A La Carte Menu stands as a testament to their commitment to showcasing the region’s finest ingredients sourced from both land and sea. These include an array of fresh seafood sourced from Sheephaven Bay, succulent Horn Head lamb, and seasonal garden vegetables meticulously cultivated by local farmers and greenhouses.

At Arnolds, they take immense pride in crafting their own homemade products to enhance the guest experience. Their culinary artisans freshly bake Wheaten Bread and Guinness Bread, in addition to offering delectable buttery shortbread and scones served with the freshest cream and homemade jams—a delightful indulgence savored by all patrons. Desserts, skillfully prepared by their Pastry Chef, often incorporate seasonal homegrown fruits sourced from the hotel gardens, including Rhubarb, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants, Apples, and Pears. Furthermore, Arnolds Hotel utilizes its own garden produce in the creation of homemade jams and preserves, a testament to their dedication to showcasing local flavors and craftsmanship.


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The Mulberry at Radisson Blu, Letterkenny

4.3 stars from 36+ Google reviews


Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny, , Paddy Harte Rd, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Phone: (074) 919 4444

The Mulberry at Radisson Blu, located in the heart of Letterkenny, is the town’s most recent addition to its culinary scene, offering a fresh and enticing dining experience. The restaurant serves as a haven for those seeking a blend of traditional Irish and European cuisine, with a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

At The Mulberry, patrons can embark on a gastronomic journey that showcases the best of both worlds. Traditional Irish favorites, known for their comforting and hearty qualities, share the menu with European delicacies, promising a diverse range of flavors and culinary techniques. Seafood enthusiasts can indulge in fresh catches, while burger connoisseurs can relish in flavorful creations. For those with a penchant for lighter fare, a variety of salads is available. Moreover, the restaurant offers a selection of daily specials and signature dishes, adding an element of surprise and innovation to every visit.

The Mulberry at Radisson Blu is designed to provide a memorable dining experience in an elegant and inviting setting. Whether it’s a special occasion, a casual meal with friends, or a romantic dinner, the restaurant caters to diverse dining scenarios. The attentive staff ensures that guests feel at ease and well-cared for throughout their visit.

In essence, The Mulberry at Radisson Blu represents a fusion of culinary traditions that celebrate the rich tapestry of flavors found in both Irish and European cuisines. It’s a dining destination where patrons can savor an array of dishes, each thoughtfully prepared to deliver a delightful culinary experience. Whether one is seeking the familiar comfort of traditional favorites or the excitement of new and signature creations, The Mulberry invites all to indulge in its diverse and flavorful offerings.

Open 7 days; 12 to 11pm


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