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Best Things To Do In Lifford

Welcome to Lifford, Co Donegal, a town filled with history, natural beauty, and vibrant dining options. Explore the historic courthouse, enjoy thrilling greyhound races, discover charming B&Bs, and relax on picturesque beaches for a memorable experience.


  • Lifford Old Courthouse: Step back in time and learn about the town’s history at the Lifford Old Courthouse.
  • Lifford Greyhound Stadium: Experience the excitement of greyhound racing at Lifford Greyhound Stadium.
  • The Three Coins Sculpture: Admire the unique Three Coins Sculpture, a symbolic representation of Lifford’s history and heritage.
  • Eclipse Cinemas Lifford-Strabane: Catch the latest movies at Eclipse Cinemas Lifford-Strabane.
  • Maxs Sports: Enjoy indoor activities and sports at Maxs Sports.
  • Arena 7 Letterkenny: Engage in fun-filled activities, including bowling and arcade games, at Arena 7 in Letterkenny.
  • Lifford Library: Dive into a world of literature and knowledge at Lifford Library.
  • Oatfield Park: Immerse yourself in nature and explore the tranquil surroundings of Oatfield Park.
  • Wild Ireland: Encounter native wildlife and learn about conservation efforts at Wild Ireland.
  • Monreagh Heritage Centre: Discover the rich heritage and traditions of the region at Monreagh Heritage Centre.
  • Grianan Of Aileach: Visit the ancient stone fort of Grianan of Aileach and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Old Church Visitor Centre: Explore the history and heritage of the Old Church Visitor Centre.
  • Tours n’ Trails: Join guided tours and explore the scenic trails of Lifford and its surroundings.
  • The River Foyle: Enjoy riverside walks and take in the beauty of the River Foyle.
  • Prehen Woods: Wander through the enchanting woodlands of Prehen Woods.


  • Central Bar B&B: Experience cozy accommodations and warm hospitality at Central Bar B&B.
  • The Hall Green: Enjoy a comfortable stay at The Hall Green, offering a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Malin Village B&B: Discover a charming B&B experience in Malin Village.
  • Rushfield House B&B: Relax in a peaceful setting and enjoy a pleasant stay at Rushfield House B&B.
  • Dunmore Gardens: Stay in the elegant surroundings of Dunmore Gardens and experience country living.
  • Mount Royal Country Home: Indulge in luxury accommodations and stunning views at Mount Royal Country Home.
  • Seawater View B&B: Wake up to breathtaking coastal views at Seawater View B&B.
  • An Grianan Hotel: Enjoy a comfortable stay and excellent service at An Grianan Hotel.


  • Ballymastocker Beach: Unwind on the sandy shores of Ballymastocker Beach, known for its beauty.
  • Lisfannon Beach: Relax and soak up the sun on the golden sands of Lisfannon Beach.
  • Kinnegar Beach: Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Kinnegar Beach.
  • Portsalon Beach: Enjoy the idyllic setting and pristine sands of Portsalon Beach.
  • Ballymastoker Beach Viewpoint: Capture panoramic views of Ballymastoker Beach from the viewpoint.

Restaurants & Bars:

  • Central Bar Lifford: Indulge in delicious food and enjoy a lively atmosphere at Central Bar in Lifford.
  • Kernan’s Diner: Enjoy a hearty meal at Kernan’s Diner, known for its tasty dishes.
  • Scarpello & Co Pizza: Satisfy your pizza cravings with a visit to Scarpello & Co Pizza.
  • Tina Tea Cakes Coffee House: Treat yourself to delightful cakes and a cup of coffee at Tina Tea Cakes Coffee House.
  • The Shamrock Bar: Experience traditional Irish hospitality and enjoy a pint at The Shamrock Bar.
  • Newtown City Chinese Takeaway: Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at Newtown City Chinese Takeaway.
  • Fisherman’s Inn: Sample fresh seafood dishes and enjoy the cozy ambiance of Fisherman’s Inn.
  • Pizza Hut: Delight in classic pizza options at Pizza Hut.
  • Castle Grove Country House & Restaurant: Dine in elegance and savor fine cuisine at Castle Grove Country House & Restaurant.
  • Gap Coffee Co: Recharge with a cup of coffee and delicious treats at Gap Coffee Co.
  • Leo’s Cafe & Takeaway: Grab a quick bite or enjoy a sit-down meal at Leo’s Cafe & Takeaway.
  • Bannigan’s Bar: Experience a warm welcome and tasty pub food at Bannigan’s Bar.
  • Frankie’s Bar Killygordon: Enjoy live music, a friendly atmosphere, and a drink at Frankie’s Bar in Killygordon.
  • The Rock Bar Muff: Indulge in traditional pub food and enjoy live entertainment at The Rock Bar in Muff.
  • The Railway Tavern Firebox Grill: Savor mouthwatering grilled dishes and a vibrant atmosphere at The Railway Tavern Firebox Grill.
  • Hugh o Neill Bar Ballindrait: Enjoy a pint in a traditional pub setting at Hugh O’Neill Bar in Ballindrait.
  • Kevin Mc Anenny Bar Rossgier: Experience warm hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere at Kevin McAnenny Bar in Rossgier.
  • Coyles Bar & Restaurant Newtown Cunningham: Taste delicious food and enjoy a friendly ambiance at Coyles Bar & Restaurant.

Lifford, Co Donegal, invites you to explore its rich history, embrace nature’s beauty, and indulge in culinary delights. From historic courthouses to scenic beaches, from cozy accommodations to vibrant dining options, Lifford offers a wonderful blend of culture, nature, and warm hospitality.

 With its fascinating attractions, picturesque landscapes, and diverse dining scene, Lifford provides a memorable experience for visitors. Immerse yourself in the town’s heritage, relax in comfortable accommodations, and savor the flavors of local cuisine for an enchanting journey in the heart of County Donegal.

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