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Welcome to Carrigart, Co Donegal, a charming coastal town that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, cozy accommodations, and delightful dining options. Get ready to explore the attractions, relax on the stunning beaches, and indulge in the local cuisine that make Carrigart a wonderful destination.


  • Harry Blaney Bridge: Cross the iconic Harry Blaney Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge connecting the Fanad Peninsula to the mainland.
  • Glen Valley Adventure Centre: Engage in thrilling outdoor activities like ziplining, archery, and kayaking at Glen Valley Adventure Centre.
  • Mevagh Dive Centre: Dive into the underwater world and explore the marine life with Mevagh Dive Centre.
  • Sonas B&B: Experience warm hospitality and a comfortable stay at Sonas B&B.
  • Mevagh House B&B: Enjoy a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at Mevagh House B&B.
  • Rosapenna Hotel & Golf Resort: Tee off at the prestigious golf courses and unwind in luxury at Rosapenna Hotel & Golf Resort.
  • Doe Castle: Step back in time and explore the fascinating ruins of Doe Castle.
  • Ards Forest Park: Immerse yourself in nature’s tranquility as you wander through the beautiful trails of Ards Forest Park.
  • Bradley’s Cuan No Long B&B: Discover a peaceful retreat and stunning views at Bradley’s Cuan No Long B&B.
  • Clare’s Cots: Stay in a charming cottage and experience a true taste of Irish hospitality at Clare’s Cots.
  • Fishermans Village Lodge: Enjoy comfortable accommodations and picturesque views at Fishermans Village Lodge.
  • McBrides Bar & B&B: Indulge in traditional Irish hospitality and enjoy live music at McBrides Bar & B&B.
  • Harbour Crest B&B: Experience a cozy and comfortable stay with scenic views at Harbour Crest B&B.
  • Carrigart Horse Riding Centre: Embark on horseback riding adventures and explore the beautiful countryside with Carrigart Horse Riding Centre.


  • Carrigart Beach: Relax on the sandy shores and take in the panoramic views at Carrigart Beach.
  • Tramore Beach: Enjoy a leisurely stroll or engage in water sports at the stunning Tramore Beach.
  • Rosgill Beach: Discover the tranquility and beauty of Rosgill Beach, a hidden gem.
  • Binnagorm Beach: Experience the unspoiled beauty and serenity of Binnagorm Beach.
  • Ballymastocker Beach: Marvel at the pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters of Ballymastocker Beach.
  • Killahoey Beach: Soak up the sun or take a refreshing swim at the picturesque Killahoey Beach.
  • Marble Hill Strand: Unwind on the expansive sandy shores and admire the dunes at Marble Hill Strand.
  • Murder Hole Beach: Explore the secluded and wild beauty of Murder Hole Beach.
  • Seas The Bay: Enjoy panoramic coastal views and tranquility at Seas The Bay.


  • The Carrigart: Savor delicious seafood and traditional Irish cuisine at The Carrigart.
  • Hooked: Indulge in fresh seafood dishes and a warm atmosphere at Hooked.
  • Olde Glen Bar & Restaurant: Experience a cozy pub atmosphere and hearty meals at Olde Glen Bar & Restaurant.
  • Tramore Inn: Enjoy a warm welcome and tasty pub grub at the Tramore Inn.
  • The Beach Hotel Downings: Delight in a range of dining options and breathtaking views at The Beach Hotel Downings.
  • Shandon Hotel & Spa: Treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience and panoramic ocean views at the Shandon Hotel & Spa.
  • Green Chilli Restaurant: Satisfy your taste buds with flavorful Indian cuisine at the Green Chilli Restaurant.
  • Caife na Sraid (The Sweet Cafe): Indulge in delectable pastries and specialty coffees at Caife na Sraid.
  • The Goose & Gander Pizzeria Downings: Enjoy mouthwatering pizzas and a cozy atmosphere at The Goose & Gander Pizzeria.
  • The Gallery Restaurant Downings: Experience fine dining with a focus on local ingredients at The Gallery Restaurant.
  • Fisk Seafood Bar Downings: Delight in fresh seafood dishes and a welcoming ambiance at Fisk Seafood Bar.
  • Ocean View Bar & Restaurant: Enjoy stunning ocean views and a diverse menu at Ocean View Bar & Restaurant.
  • The Singing Pub Downings: Immerse yourself in traditional Irish music and enjoy a pint at The Singing Pub.
  • Carrigart One 8: Savor a variety of cuisine options, from seafood to international dishes, at Carrigart One 8.
  • Mac’s Takeaway: Grab a quick and delicious bite to eat at Mac’s Takeaway.
  • Carrigart Restaurant: Enjoy a range of culinary delights and friendly service at Carrigart Restaurant.
  • Harbour Bar: Experience a lively atmosphere, tasty food, and live music at the Harbour Bar.
  • Donegal Boardwalk Bar & Restaurant: Relish in stunning views, excellent food, and warm hospitality at the Donegal Boardwalk Bar & Restaurant.

Carrigart, Co Donegal, welcomes you with its natural wonders, exciting activities, cozy accommodations, and delectable dining options. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, a peaceful retreat, or a culinary exploration, Carrigart has it all. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its beaches, dive into thrilling activities, and savor the flavors of local cuisine for an unforgettable experience.

[Closing summary:] From breathtaking bridges to thrilling adventure centers, from cozy B&Bs to luxurious resorts, and from historic castles to scenic beaches, Carrigart invites you to discover the treasures of this picturesque town. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a food enthusiast, Carrigart promises an enchanting and memorable vacation in the heart of County Donegal.

Accommodation in Carrigart

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Seaview Cottage Umlagh Carrigart

Lough View Cottage Carrigart

“We recently stayed at Lough View Cottage and had the most incredible experience! The views were absolutely breathtaking and unlike anything I have ever seen before. From the moment we walked through the door, we were struck by how spacious and well-equipped the accommodation was. Everything was spotlessly clean and modern, yet still felt cozy and inviting.
One of the things I appreciated most about Lough View Cottage was how well-equipped it was. From the kitchen to the bedrooms, I had everything I needed and more. The attention to detail was truly impressive and made my stay all the more enjoyable”.
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The Historic Wee Green House Carrigart

“My family and I stayed at the Wee Green House during late summer 2021 and absolutely loved it! The home is quite comfortable, well maintained, spotless, and with all necessary amenities. Communication with the hosts was seamless and easy. The home’s location is a few yards from the water in a gorgeous and pleasant town (with an excellent bakery and other conveniences) which is well located to explore the scenic coastlines and natural beauty of Donegal and its surrounding regions. There are also excellent beaches, restaurants, and pubs all within the immediate surrounding area”.
5 Stars from 4 Google reviews

Donegal Boardwalk Resort Carrigart

Blue Door 1 Bedroom Luxury Apartment for couple

“Spend last weekend there. It is recently refurbished apartment, located in the center of Carrigart. A free-of-charge public car park is available right in front of the door. The next door is a pharmacy, hopefully you don’t need it. Centra grocery just across the road and few restaurants and take away. 100 meters to the beach and a lovely park. The owner is so nice and helpful in giving us directions”.
5 Stars from 3+ Google reviews

The Mews 1 Bedroom Luxury Apartment Carrigart

Lough View Cottage Carrigart

“The Loughview Cottage was amazing. Well out of the way of everyone and everything, it is a great place to relax and unwind. The views from the cottage are absolutely spectacular no matter what the weather.
The amenities were great and the cottage is a short drive to the national park and several beaches.
I will definitely be back here”

4.9 Stars from 14+ Google reviews

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